Student Training Programs

Student Training Programs


Student Training Programs focus on three different areas, Spoken English, Motivational Workshops and Soft Skill Training Programs where our students always tend to come across some trouble or other. The Purpose of this program is to help students to understand their inner qualities and talents to build a better future and train them to express themselves better in English in any circumstance.

Spoken English Programs


The biggest challenge a student can face is while Speaking English and even many of our smart students often struggle with Speaking English so that they cannot perform as well as they expect of themselves. This is one of the major reasons why there is a limit to their dreams, and so cannot exploit their real talents and skills at a level that employers usually anticipate.

ZOD Finishing School desires to destroy the belief studentscarry in their mindsthat English is difficult to speak. To overcome this, ZOD offers three English Speaking Workshops for Colleges, Educational Institutions and Schools to make them speak English better.

Motivational Workshops


Being motivated is one of the toughest things in our lives, so we sometimes need some external motivation to re-focus our goalwhen we are disappointed with our daily routine or unexpected failures. Some of the students not only need motivation, but need how to be successful in their lives also, or how to achieve anything in their lives or how to instill the habits of successful people in them.

ZOD Finishing School guides students to develop these skills such as confidence, vision, self-esteem, time management, competency and self-management through its unique Life Skill &Motivational Workshops.

Soft skill training Programs


The success mantra of the past generations was “if you study well, you will get a good job,” but in the modern world this mantra is outdated. The job market needs academic excellence of course, but it also needs other things which we call soft skills. These are a combination of People skills, Social skills, Communication skills, Character traits, Attitudes, Career Attributes, Social Intelligence and Emotional intelligence quotients among others. These enable people to effectively navigate through their environment, work well with others, perform well, and achieve their goals by complementing hard skills.

ZOD Finishing School offers three different types of training programs under the Soft Skill Training Program which are offered for Collage or Professional course students alone. Through these programs, students can develop their Soft skills and Job Hunting skills together, thereby helping them to find a better job in the future.

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