Psychological Training Programs

Psychological Training Programs


Psychological Training Programs help students to overcome their psychological limits which hold them back from their studies and social life. They may face added stress during their studies and continuous evaluation and the lack of learning capability can make them feel burned out and frustrated and cannot perform well in their studies. Poor academic performance may negatively affect their confidence/social life. So average students not only need motivation but also psychological support to find what things are holding them back and how to overcome those limits. We offer many Psychological Training Programs such as Psychological Enhancement Program, Study Skills Empowerment Program, Exam Performance Training to overcome those limits and we also offer training for parents called Positive Parenting.


PEPS – Psychological Enhancement Program

Psychological Enhancement Program is of eight days duration. Psychological training workshop for students enhance anystudent’s overall academic excellence and productivity. Everyone knows that physical fitness can decide human performance and excellence but we always forget the importance of psychological fitness which can predict a person’s future. PEPS helps students to raise their psychological fitness into higher levels which motivates them to give more attention to their studies with full awareness of their strength and abilities.

PEPS scientifically assess students’ Emotional Functioning, Cognitive Functioning and Learning Capability with internationally accepted psychological tools. After the test, they undergo psychological training sections where they are trained to overcome their psychological limits. Finally, they will be able to raise their academic standards into the desired level.


Psychological Workshop

We offer several full or half day Psychological Training Programs for students to fulfill their Personal and Social Life by overcoming their psychological limits. Psychological workshop is not a Motivational Programindeed, but it motivatesstudents to do extraordinary things. Besides,  italso concerned about students’ thoughts, Emotion and Behavior problems, where theydo need the real solution. Our Psychological workshops guide students to understand their personality type, behavioral issues,learning ability and people skills and it also helps them to manage anxiety, disappointment, and stress.


  • Study Skills Empowerment Program
  • Exam Performance Training
  • Positive Parenting
  • Positive Character Building & Personality Development
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