Knowledge Partnership Program

Knowledge Partnership Program


Knowledge Partnership Program (KPP) is an educational association program and it offers a business opportunity for private educational institutions to conduct different types of national and international courses affiliated to ZOD Finishing School at their campus, under their brand name, with the active supervision of ZOD Finishing School. This is not a franchise program,so it does not try to control you directly and it offers you complete freedom to do its affiliated programs at your campus and it doesn’t charge any royalty for the affiliation.

ZOD Finishing School is associated with many international education providers such as the University of Cambridge, QAI – UK, British Council and IDP Australia to provide world class education. Thus you get the opportunity to provide these courses and certificates at your campus in the future, once you associate yourself with the KPP program.

KPP Program is more suitable for someone who is looking forward to utilize his institute’s infrastructure and human resource to the maximum, to generate optimal results. If you are a part of this program, you will get Professional Business support and Guidelines which help you to make quicken the process of conducting and delivering its courses at your campus and maximize your admissions too, in the process.

Knowledge Partnership Program (KPP) offers three types of affiliations and you can choose which is right for you and each one has different types of business opportunities.

1.  Approved Training Centre.
2.  Authorized Preparation Centre.
3.  Authorized Regional Partner.

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